World Mental Health Day.

Today is #worldmentalhealthday 2022 and this year it really does feel more pertinent than ever. With anxiety and depression rates rising as we stare down months of recession and potential mass-unemployment, it’s not been a positive or hopeful time for millions of people.

The government know, as we do, that many people with mental health challenges do not get the care and treatment they need to thrive because the quality of mental healthcare is contingent on the environment in which it is delivered.

We can however, encourage ‘self-help’ and a positive remedy for mental health is to practice #mentorship.

For me, #mentoring during the past few years has been a valuable medicine for my mental care. I encourage you all to seek or become a mentor. We all deserve better!

⚛️Ensure there is personal chemistry, empathy – speed mentoring doesn’t work.
🤰Don’t assume anything – set expectations together at the outset.
💬Have an open dialogue to reframe the problem.
🧞‍♂️A mentor is not a genie.
🐡Don’t boil the ocean – focus on your mentee’s blind spots.
🧐Provide an underlying philosophy: do the work that is in front of you.

Successful mentor/mentee relationships are where expectations are managed and the mentee fully understands and shares their mentor’s vision for success.

Thank you 🙏 Ian Brookes FRSA