Womens History Month.

Congratulations Hermes 05. What an adventure!

As part of celebrating women’s history month, I’m rolling back the clock to 33 years ago. A time when there were WRNS, but soon afterwards they integrated into the Royal Navy.

We joined in January 1989 and were subject to a new Open Engagement, which allowed us to sign-up for 22 years service from the age of 18.

Women were all subject to the Naval Discipline Act to ensure the WRNS had been brought into line with the Navy since 1977. The Act allowed us greater choice in the trades we undertook, including weapons analysts, radar, met and radio operator to name but a few. We had parity with our counterparts in the Air Force and Army.

On 8th Oct 1990, we saw the first women to serve on board the frigate, HMS Brilliant for a trial period. Then in 1993, we made our first steps towards full integration into the Navy and disbandment of the WRNS as a separate Service.

Today, women are fully integrated into the Royal Navy. All jobs in the surface fleet including Royal Marines and submarines are now open to men and women alike.

In 2021, Jude Terry was the first female Rear Admiral appointed in the Royal Navy’s 500-year history. No more glass ceilings! 👏

What an honour to be part of those early days!

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” – If you wish for peace, prepare for war.