Wine Importers.

Following the below post, I was delighted to receive a positive message from a UK Goverment spokesperson, highlighting the following:

“Following our departure from the European Union, this Government has already started slashing EU red tape, including cutting tariffs, lowering costs for consumers, and giving shoppers greater choice. This year we eliminated significant unnecessary burdens for wine importers, and plans to further simplify processes are already being considered by Ministers.

“We are also creating a new seamless digital UK border where technologies and real-time data will help UK businesses take advantage of new trading relationships and enhance our position as a global trading partner.”

·  We removed the requirement for wine imports to be accompanied by a VI-1 certificate in January.
·  The Cabinet Office, Brexit Opportunities Unit (BOU) have conducted a review of retained EU wine laws, seeking ideas and advice from a broad range of wine industry stakeholders. 
·  The recommendations stemming from this review are wide-ranging and would result in some significant reforms to the wine sector rules we inherited.
·  Defra Ministers are set to consider proposals and recommendations in due course.