Why Climb.

Why climb the highest mountain because it’s there?

The inner voice of doubt may develop during times of extreme stress and challenge, leading to mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. So, how best can you harness this anxiety to change your perspective through creativity, skill and dedication to climb those mountains – even the worlds highest peak?

Living in extraordinary times requires extreme thinking to contextualise your thoughts and ambition. To succeed and grow you must look for the bigger picture, set massive goals and stay committed to achieving them regardless of challenges that arise. You need:

– searing ambition
– strong self-belief
– to be a pioneer
– a competitive nature
– to be highly motivated and energised
– to accept obstacles both physical and mental

Startup life isn’t as risky to life and limb as climbing actual mountains, as there is no summit or finishing line – the climb just carries on! Make a start, keep reaching out and pushing yourself, and ask yourself ‘why do I want this?’ – and you have the answer from George Mallory: “Because it’s there.”

Thanks Ian, your article resonated. In 2009 I was at a crossroads. I didn’t climb, but ‘Yeti Airlines’, a jetstream flew me to Sagamartha – the most spiritual journey.