We’ve been reviewed! Ipubbeacon: Creating a seamless dining experience

We've been reviewed! Ipubbeacon: Creating a seamless dining experience blog post

The iPubBeacon app found on the Google Play and App Store is a showcase of the potential app functionality. The new cloud-native app is currently being developed. Watch this space!


Thank you for such a detailed review Patrick O’Brien. You captured the essence of the app.

‘The speed of the service is ensured by an in-built satellite feature that pinpoints the exact location of delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The most interesting feature about the app is how it is attempting to create a seamless experience built around brand loyalty and the behavior of its customers. It wants you to contribute to how the app can benefit its users, creating a sense of teamwork between the consumer and the service.

Through usage, the app can predict buying trends, based around customer’s favorite food, drink, and location to order from. The app will then be able to produce discounts for loyal customers creating an incentive for the user to see it as their default delivery application.

Patrick O’Brien – 6th July 2020