Tim Peake.

How are you shaping your own tomorrow?

It just goes to show, that by dreaming big, aiming high, you can reach for the stars.  Critical traits for success are:

🔨Be willing to break the mould.
👭Embrace working with a diverse team.
🌟Take a step back to see the big picture. 
🎼Communicate and share your viewpoints and learning.
😩Plan for failure and work backwards.
🎢Enjoy the journey – the real thrill doesn’t come from speed.
❤️‍🔥Persistence, tenacity, drive and ambition.

Think like Tim Peake and look to your future. He reached a life-long goal when he launched into space. Clearly, you don’t just decide you want to be an astronaut and then find yourself rocketing towards Mars. It requires years of focus, determination and sacrifice, but Tim wanted it and made it happen. Do you?

Thanks Ian Brookes FRSA, delighted to see you met an inspiring and unique Brit.