The Three Musketeers.

‘Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno’
– One for all, all for one! The Three Musketeers

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day; for so many years a marketing excuse to treat yourself to a ‘girl power’ cocktail or another handbag. In the current geopolitical situation, internationalism and feminism are charged terms.

This year there is a poignant irony to a day devoted to the cause of women around the world. It’s important to recognise the need for empathy, love and concern to the women and children of #Ukraine.

The #unitednations Security Council highlighted that women and children suffer disproportionately during and after war.

In the case of Ukraine, women and children are being deeply impacted by the crisis, fleeing to the border and in many locations, even picking up guns and joining the fight.

As global witnesses to a cruel and unnecessary war in Europe, it is natural to feel helpless, but let’s rally in support of Ukraine. Let’s take timely and meaningful action to help those who are suffering the most.

Below are three swift actions to show up in sisterhood and support the women of Ukraine.
💰Donate cash through trusted charities and aid organisations – The UK Government will match public donations to this appeal, pound-for-pound up to £25 million.

🧑‍⚖️Contact your local MP –

✍️Show solidarity by sharing a message.

Together we are strong, both individually and collectively to embrace #collaboration #communication and #unity to capture hearts and minds 💕

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