Do you have a metric for your #startups journey?

Like having kids, startup life is about bringing something new into the world. Neither are all sunshine, smiles and sandwiches.

For startups, it’s as much about the founder’s personal journey, besides business decisions. Founders need to show both conviction and humility, to know when to follow their gut and whose opinion to trust.

Get ready for a bumpy road that 99% don’t survive. Being a founder is not as glorious as you think. In fact, it’s the opposite. So, let’s look at those three attributes – sacrifice, risk and reward – to be considered by founders, and put them into perspective.

1. Personal Sacrifices
– Stability.
– Security.
– Comfort.
– Headspace.

2. Personal Risks
– The quality of your relationships and work-life split.
– Your physical and mental health.
– Sleep.
– Your money and standards of living.
– Emotional risk.

3. Personal Rewards
– Hands-on relationship with the work you love.
– Control.
– Free time.
– Freedom.
– Excitement and impact.

Just ensure you press pause and review the sacrifices, risks and rewards.

There is no single definition or metric for a founder’s journey, but if you want to become a success on your terms, find what motivates you and gives you meaning, balancing sacrifices, risks and rewards

Delightful insights Ian Brookes FRSA
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