Sir Clive Sinclair.

How do you gauge your power of persistence and innovation to look into the future?

Innovation is notoriously hard. There is no formula for developing a ground breaking invention that does not include hard work and tenacity in the face of failure. Those qualities were personified by Sir Clive Sinclair, the colourful home computing pioneer (ZX Spectrum), who sadly passed away earlier this week.

Startups innovate by examining each core element of their business model, innovating in:

✅customer engagement: from loyalty to empowerment.
✅activities: from efficient to intelligent. 
✅resources: from ownership to access. 
✅costs: from low cost to no cost.
✅networks: connect with others to create value in the connected economy. 
✅service: support and amplify the value of your offering.

The process of identifying and delivering these innovations needs intuitive visions of the future to carefully scrutinise strategic analyses. The reality is innovation requires you to reframe your mindset, put aside the prevailing reality and underlying ‘rules of the game’ which requires bold and brave thinking.

When we all think alike, nobody is thinking. You need to see what everybody has seen and think what nobody has thought, and don’t live your life in the rear-view mirror – it tells you where you’ve been, not where you can go looking forward.

So work hard on reimagining and reengineering your startup business model, put customers at the centre of your thinking, just like Sinclair, and give your startup an unfair advantage.

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair. Your innovations democratised computing and inspired so many people into IT and like all innovation, a look into the future.

Fantastic article and insight Ian Brookes FRSA#womenintech#oneteam#startups