Singing Your Song.

How are you singing your song?🎶

In an era of such digital and transformational change – how do you deal with the intersection of many different paths?

This weekend I first learned about the ‘Akashic Records’, otherwise known as the ‘Book of Life’.

They are not vinyl records but metaphorically speaking a sort of ‘library’ or ‘cosmic computer’ which holds vibrational records of everything in existence, and all that has been…

So how do you access these records?

– Pause
– Breathe
– Relax
– Simply ‘be’ for a while
– Trust and
– Stay open

My explanation, to the library and computer metaphors is very 3D linear. This concept however, is very non 3D and non-linear. To accurately read and even understand how the ‘Akashic Records’ work and what they really are, its key to elevate your awareness above the 3D and physical form to perceive the ‘Akashic’ through a non-linear, higher dimensional awareness. (Quantum).
If you want to learn more – just Google ‘Akashic Records’.

Whether it’s ‘Music’ or ‘Akashic Records’ – on the final day before all the lights go out for one last time for mankind, you can be certain that the cockroaches will be banging out a decent rendition of ‘Age of Consent’. I hope that it wasn’t all meant for nothing and how incredible to believe that every word, thought, emotion, action, thing, planet, being, consciousness, soul, personality, and idea that ever has been or that ever has the possibility to be in the future, is recorded.

Enjoy your week – music is the soul of life!
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