‘Shoot For The Stars!

‘Shoot for the stars! Aim for the Moon’, but be wary of ‘Blitzscaling’.

Silicon Valley is renowned for its striking number of businesses which have grown from garage startups into global giants; Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, Google, HP and Harley-Davidson to name a few.

Blitzscaling advocates shooting high, yet a rapid, mass market roll-out without a solid foundation gives you nothing to fall back on when the growth stalls.

So how do you scale your startup?

– Scale the personalised customer experience
– Scale simplicity
– Scale through validated learning
– Scale the right mindset
– Scale unit economics
– Scale transaction frequency
– Scale thoughtfully
– Scale things that don’t scale
– Subtract as you add
– Scale your foundations

Don’t lose sight of your ‘purpose’. Be wary of ‘Blitzscaling for hyper growth’. Question your sense of ‘why’. Be highly consistent, measured and systematic in progress along all the core axes of execution – customer, product, team, finance. Constrain yourself until you’re really hurting for resources, including people and capital.

Good luck and enjoy the ride 💫

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