Product Strategy?

How are you accelerating your #productstrategy?

“Strategy without execution is a dream. Execution without a strategy is a nightmare!”

🤑Inject your products with higher perceived value focusing on your:

– Customers
– Company
– Competitors

💝Tap into your customer psychology to design better products:

✅Competition: What do your customers want? Build a culture that seeks operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership.
✅Identify Niches: Define your ‘secret sauce’ – the USP X-factor.
✅Psychology of Value: Develop products and services that provide physical, logical and emotional benefits.
✅Innovation: Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things!
✅Friction Audit: Don’t suffer ‘sludge’, where customers face high levels of friction or are deliberately misled.
✅Gamification: Use game elements like points, leaderboards, badges, win, losses for motivating users into using your product or service.

Go do great things!