Platinum Jubilee.

Thank you Ma’am for your remarkable devotion to duty.

You are an icon that sets the highest standards, inspires our projections and our sense of ourselves. You are by-far the most famous female face in the history of the world.

You are the Mona Lisa of our time, instantly recognisable and yet elusively and perpetually unknowable.

The envy of the world! How proud to be British. A weekend of pomp and ceremony, the ‘Tree of Trees’, the iconic Red Arrows flypast, the colour of The Mall, alive in a patriotic sea of red, white and blue.

How incredible for our youngsters to take inspiration across the UK and commonwealth from the natural environment. A toast to their hopes and dreams of moving together towards a more sustainable and harmonious future. 🥂

Thank you Her Majesty for your lifetime of ‘selfless service’. 👑💂‍♀️🇬🇧