National Pet Day.

Happy #NationalPetDay

The bond between pets and humans brings happiness and positivity altogether.

So hug your hedgehog, bond with your bunny, and cut your kitty some catnip! That critter makes you happy – and that’s not all.

Over the past 10 years, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been a partner in research to determine the physical and mental benefits of owning a pet. It turns out that not only can pets steal our hearts, but they also contribute to overall cardiovascular health by lowering cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

We can also learn some entrepreneurial spirit from our canine companions:

🦴Give a dog a bone: be tenacious.
🐶A man’s best friend: demonstrate loyalty.
🐾Dogs protect their patch: be alert.
🐕Dogs trust their nose: stay curious.
🐕‍🦺Wag your tail: share the joyous moments.
👀Keep your eyes on the ball: focus.
🐶Dogs have amazing adaptive intelligence: trust your instincts.
🦮Barking up the wrong tree: learn to pivot.
🐩Don’t let the tail wag the dog: set priorities and routines.
🌭Dogs eat with gusto: do everything with passion.

Passion, purpose and pets! 🐶😻🐾