Love Is The Driving Force.

How are you bringing light, energy and optimism to your heartbeat and mindset?

We’re living in extraordinary times – either your relationship or your startup – and we must seize opportunities to become a disruptor, not the disrupted. Let’s grow stronger together with a great recipe for success:

🌹Love and passion are the driving force.
😻Commitment surfs the twists, turns and turmoil.
🥰Healthy habits provide a joint anchor.
💒Rome wasn’t built in a day.
🤩Nothing is perfect.
🤝Compromise, compromise, compromise.

Thanks Ian fjellbrød shrimps are just the best having eaten them in Stavanger and you can’t beat a good Lervig Aktiebryggeri Stout 🍻 #womenintech#oneteam#startups