Let’s Go Skiing.

“The mountain has it’s hat on.” Let’s go skiing!

Last week Saturday, Dave Ryding won the Kitzbühel men’s slalom, becoming the first British skier to win a gold medal in the 55-year history of the Alpine World Cup.

So what can we learn from ‘Rocket’ Dave, to optimise our performance and use data & analytics to plan our perfect ski trip?

🌨Follow the snow: Two ‘web spiders’ were built via Scrapy, a #python framework used for data extraction, the first of which extracted ski resort data. The second spider extracted daily snowfall data for each resort (2009 – present).

🎿Optimise your skis: New tech such as IBM Cognos can monitor entire supply chains so that no matter how much demand increases, they have the materials to meet it.  

🚠Skip the queue: Ski resorts are introducing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems, saving time checking passes. The data can then be utilised for gamification platforms to turn a skier’s time on the slopes into an interactive experience. 

⛷Carve a better technique: The Carv app allows you to be your own digital ski coach. It works by using a robust insert that fits between the shell of your ski boots and the liner. It then gathers data from 48 pressure sensitive pads, and nine motion sensors.

With my Apple Watch Series 6 on my wrist, skiing for me is about freedom, enjoying the views, the alpine rays and getting the very best sleep. It’s about forgetting everything!

Ski safe!

Wishing Dave all the best with his fourth Winter Olympics, in Beijing on 4-Feb.