Happy Diawali

Happy Diwali Everyone.

Did you bet on the lettuce? “A week is a long time in politics.” Harold Wilson

Wow! Who could have foreseen the events in Parliament during the past week. Liz Truss’s resignation as leader of the Conservative party after 44 days marked the shortest tenure of any holder of the office in British history.

Her tenure as Prime Minister may be seen as one of the most irredeemable failures in British political history. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it now can’t get any worse, and her decision to quit will afford her some much-needed time to assess what went wrong and to grow!

Great startups require great leadership. Here are ten essential traits and behaviours in contrast to the calamity of political leadership:

🌅Be a visionary: Learn to paint a picture with words, speak it, write it, let people touch it – make it ambitious, make it exciting, but make it real.

❤️‍🔥Have passion: Don’t be a limp lettuce. Engage and represent your people to light the fire in their bellies.

🧐Be a great decision maker: How you make decisions and then execute them is vital in giving confidence to people.

👫Be a team builder: To become a great leader, you must develop a great team.

🤩You must have character: Without character, all the other traits are for naught, because your innate character plays a critical role in your leadership style.

🤝Collaborate: Leadership means working together, toward a common goal.

🤜Be accountable: Leadership means owning the ups and the downs – the errors and failures shape you more.

🆕Innovate: Leadership means innovation.

😇Be honest: Leadership means candour with yourself and others, both emotionally and intellectually, being willing to ask for and hear honesty from others.

🙉Listen: Startup leadership means asking and listening, rather than doing the talking all the time.

A startup leader is the glue that holds the venture together, their core values and core purpose shaping the raison d’être. It’s about leading the charge and stoking the fires of ambition, not just strategy. It’s creating an emotional connection to sharing the vision and everyone working together.

Thank you Ian Brookes FRSA an interesting read with great insights. I bet you wrote with a smile this week 😊