Growth Of Social Commerce.

Good to see traction in the growth of social commerce, where payments are embedded into Facebook, Instagram or the Metaverse.

🦹‍♀️The time it takes retailers to receive their funds will fall and the use of wearables, especially among women, will rise. 👍

🔐API will allow plug-and-play for all technology integrations, and as a result, payments will become increasingly interoperable.

🚚It will be good to start to incorporate the right amount of friction into the payments process (not too much, not too little) and we’ll see the arrival of last-mile traceability, where we can really understand what people spend their money on.

🤞With luck we will see leading payments companies weaving #esg and #sdg into their business models and gaining a sense of their moral and ethical responsibilities, especially relating to crime and inclusion.