Fantasy Or Fuel.

Fantasy or fuel of the future? Green Hydrogen – low carbon technologies

The UK economy cannot stand up without a backbone made of steel. It’s an important strategic national asset that underpins our entire manufacturing base, from cars to construction, aerospace and so much more.

Steelmaking, although refined and enhanced over the years, still remains the basic process much as it was in Henry Bessemer’s day. It’s one of the world’s most polluting industries.

If serious efforts are made to mitigate global warming, then steelmaking must undergo one of the biggest transformations since Bessemer 160 years ago. A revolutionary change that is ‘green steel’, – instead of using coke to process iron ore, you use hydrogen instead.

Hydrogen can play seven major roles in the energy transformation:

– Enabling the renewable-energy system
– Decarbonising transportation
– Decarbonising industrial energy uses
– Decarbonising building heat and power
– Providing clean feedstock for industry

Let us stand up for steel to accelerate the deployment of low-carbon technologies and champion the scale up of green hydrogen clean energy.