Eat It Up.

Life is fun, eat it up!

The world is changing. Human behaviour is changing. Banking is changing.

In a new era of financial technology, how do you build a digital bank that maximises your inclusion of a social agenda?

David Kolb looks through his lens and shares his journey of how to build a digital bank.

🎂Part 1 – Authorisation Process:
– Regulatory Business Plan
– Business Model & Strategy
– Products & Customer Journey
– Capital / Governance Model / Outsourcing

🍰Part 2 – Digital Banking Components:
– Payments / Sponsor Bank
– Payment Gateway / KYC & AML
– Credit Scoring / Core Banking / Card Providers

🧁Part 3 – Technology:
– Agile Delivery
– Cloud Native Architecture
– Data / Cybersecurity / IT Governance

The ‘authorisation’ process and bringing together components from the ‘cloud’, ‘fintech’ and ‘regtech’ seems relatively straightforward, but it’s the ‘barriers to entry’ that are hard. The risk of failure is high!

What is important for success, is to ride the wave, not in isolation but to collaborate with banks. Don’t target mass market, but focus on bespoke products such as specific segments of society based on lifestyle, or niche needs.

It was a pleasure to meet you David Kolb Thank you Dave & Graham for the introduction. Great insights 👏 #womenintech#startups#oneteam#techher