“Cometh The Hour”

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man!”

The resilience displayed by Maro Itoje on Saturday brings key learnings for your own entrepreneurial endeavours.

The Saracens star set the standard with his actions in an 80-minute masterclass in the first Test in Cape Town. He played like a man possessed, he was just epic, he played an absolutely incredible game, the stamina, the resilience, he just never let up. Itoje decided he wasn’t going to be outplayed, outsmarted, outmuscled.

Ryan Holiday, in his book ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’, draws lessons from philosophy and history and says if you want to achieve anything in life, you must do the work, be prepared for knockbacks – but most of all, be resilient.

So why not take inspiration from Itoje and Holiday to be bolder and mentally able to handle the pressure during your startup journey: 

· No one is asking you to look at the world through rose-coloured glasses
· Where the head goes, the body follows. Right action follows the right perspective
· I can’t afford to panic
·  If you want momentum, you’ll have to create it yourself, by getting up and getting started
·  It’s okay to be discouraged. It’s not okay to quit
·  The path of least resistance is a terrible teacher

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