Building For The Future!

Building for a future!

Despite a woeful #BritishAirways airline and a ten hour coach trip from Turin to Paris, we were able to view the most beautiful and historic buildings of Paris.

In #web3.0 and the #Metaverse, we should be world builders. Now is our time to build not destroy! Can we go fast without breaking everything?

✈️Speed of gaining customer insights.
🔬Make lots of experiments at pace.
🗣Move from communication to conversation.
⁉️Seek question-data not answer-data.
👩‍✈️Drop formal activities for informal actions.
🥰Create a transparent culture.
🥇Outlaw perfectionism.
🛂Align your workflow with customers.
🛩Focus on throughput, not solely backlogs.
⛑Psychological safety has to be the starting point.

Every fighter pilot mission is planned in enormous detail with extensive use of intelligence, experience and subject matter expertise. By the time that the pilots walk out to the aircraft, no stone has been left unturned in the effort to produce a comprehensive and detailed plan.

The pilots climb into the aircraft and then it turns out that one of the aircraft has a slight technical issue. Then the weather is worse than forecast. Then the mission priorities change. Then the adversaries do something unexpected. But the pilots are still expected to deliver the desired outcome.

Every day? Changing priorities, a shift in the external environment acting unpredictably, new deadlines. The inconvenient collision of plans, aspirations and the real world is an unforgiving place.  The best you will ever achieve is ‘about right, now’ because if everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.

Are you building fast for the next generation’s future❓⏭

Thank you Ian for sharing such detailed insights 🙏