Border Collie.

Tricks of the trade from your best friend.

An insightful story about the wonderful Border Collie, Mollie. A great trigger to kick-start a productive 2022.

Passion, purpose and pets! The entrepreneurial spirit you can learn from your canine companions:

🦴Give a dog a bone: be tenacious.
🐶A man’s best friend: demonstrate loyalty.
🐾Dogs protect their patch: be alert.
🐕Dogs trust their nose: stay curious.
🐕‍🦺Wag your tail: share the joyous moments.
👀Keep your eyes on the ball: focus.
🐶Dogs have amazing adaptive intelligence: trust your instincts.
🦮Barking up the wrong tree: learn to pivot.
🐩Don’t let the tail wag the dog: set priorities and routines.
🌭Dogs eat with gusto: do everything with passion.

Thank you to Mollie for inspiring Ian.