Bond, James Bond

‘Licence to Thrill!’ – Pitch like a James Bond Movie

As always an engaging read with nuggets informing us on how best to communicate to an audience or a potential investor. I particularly enjoyed Ian Brookes FRSA tips on pitching like a James Bond movie – we all love the opening sequence before the titles comes on. There’s suspense, action, and unbelievable stunts. These first five minutes bring home why we love Bond, and that keeps us going through the next two hours of nonsensical plot twists.

1. Grab the attention from the outset.
2. Turn your pitch into a story.
3. Reduce the clutter and noise.
4. It’s not what, but how you say it.
5. Create ‘wow’ moments.
6. Rehearse – but be prepared for improvisation.
7. Go Beyond Next Slide Please.
8. It’s all about influence.

Enjoy! Please communicate and share your thoughts.